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Columbia Basin Elite Update

Dear CB Elite Family,



We hope that this letter finds you healthy and joyfully preparing for the upcoming holiday season. After much deliberation regarding club season, we would like to update you all with the information that we have at this time. We will most definitely not have a conventional club season. We were hopeful that restrictions would decrease as we entered the new year however, with the most recent trend backward we are even more uncertain. 


If you are seeking a more traditional club experience and are able to travel, we would encourage you to find a club that can offer more opportunities. We would most definitely welcome you back to our club in future seasons when we are able to offer more services. At this time, we are restricted by more than just mandates. We are restricted by gym availability. BBCC has chosen to continue online instruction through the Winter quarter. We are unable to determine when the facility might be open to community groups. Once the gym is open, our opportunity to utilize the facilities will be limited by the fact that all of the college athletic programs will be taking place during Winter and Spring quarters. This means that volleyball, men's and women's basketball, wrestling, softball and baseball will be utilizing the gym facility at the same time. If we are able to use the gym, we will be limited to practicing on Sundays only. This situation has led us to our most recent plan.

When the gym facilities open to community groups, we would like to offer what we are going to call "Sunday Skills". This would be a 10-12 week program that will focus on developing individual and team skills for each age group. Depending on the restriction at that time, we would offer 12 positions at each age group. We most likely would not be able to participate in tournament play but would work to try to host friendly scrimmages (again depending on the restrictions at that time). Costs would be less than a typical club season. 


We cannot provide any specific details regarding "Sunday Skills" as it is virtually impossible to make plans. Once we have a projected gym opening date we will start making loose plans. These "plans" will evolve and change frequently but we desperately want to make volleyball available for your children. We appreciate your commitment to our club and we are saddened that we cannot offer more. 


Starting in January, we will post weekly updates on our Facebook page in hopes that opportunities will develop early in 2021.  



We miss you all and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.





CB Elite Volleyball Club

Columbia Basin Elite Volleyball Club

Welcome to Columbia Basin Elite Volleyball Club in Moses Lake, WA. We are excited to have you and your athlete interested in participating in our club. Columbia Basin Elite was established to provide an opportunity for young athletes to develop solid individual skills, learn to compete at a high level and grow as an athlete.  Our goal is to not only develop our student-athletes as players, but also to teach life skills such as a team-first mentality, hard work, delayed gratification and accountability through the vehicle of volleyball.

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Jen De Hoog

Columbia Basin Elite Director

Char Franck

Columbia Basin Elite Treasurer


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